Remnants of the Sikh Empire: There are many other current deals are available for the people of Lahore, in order to check them out click the button below and share your happy moments with groupin. Thus it is patterned on Turkish style, so it comprises Jama Khana Dressing and undressing room. This gallery carries a rare collection of oil paintings. Later on when Sikh took the charge of this year they converted this Mosque into the Moti Mandir. East India Company, Beginning to End. Aurangzeb also constructed a mosque of the same type at Red Fort Delhi in A.

The more public, administrative section of the fort is organized in a layer that conceals the private one. The Naulakha pavilion served as a personal chamber and was located to the west of the Sheesh Mahal , in the northern section of the fort. Enter your email address: Lahore fortress is contemporary to Agra Fort and is based on the same formal organization. Read more interesting facts about Pakistan. I cannot forget my trip here in my hole life. The coin was unearthed at the depth of 25 feet 7.

Retrieved 15 April The gate is one of Lahore’s most iconic monuments, and once featured on Pakistani currency. The spandrels or spaces between the arches of the outer gate were decorated with blue and yellow tiles. If you are planning to spend your holidays then i suggest you to visit these places and for that purpose you can get cheap flights to Pakistan direct to Pakistan and then visit these all places.


The fort is located in the northwestern corner of Lahore, adjacent to the Walled City. The high outer walls of the Shahi Qila are decorated with blue kashi tiles of Persian origin.

Lahore Fort or Shahi Qila and its attractions

It was the specific place for the court of King for rich and V. It went through extensive renovations and repairs during the rule of the Mughal engliah.

The interior is simple and plain with the exception of ceilings that are decorated and designed in four different orders, two arcuate, and two trabeated.

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Shah Jahan in his fourteenth year of his rule year A. Excavations in in front of Diwan-i-Am led to the discovery of a gold coin dated CE belonging to Mahmud Ghaznavi.

Shahi Qila The Royal Lahore Fort: One of the Best Historc place to visit

Retrieved from ” https: The bath also had the facility of warm and hot water. On the east and west row of dalans porticos encircle it and the red sandstone facade of dalans reflects Hindu art enriched with carved columns and elaborated brackets showing animal figurines.

essay on shahi qila in english

Build by Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir ruled: The ni section of the fort is arranged in courts along the northern half of the fort and is accessed by the Hathi Pol, or ‘elephant gate’. Octagonal in shape, the Lal Burj was used as a summer pavilion.

Shahi Qila, Jaunpur

This splendor small pavilion is generally placed as one of the best architectural accomplishment of Mughal era. It is a rectangular shaped structure with the curly roof on it.


Frescoes decorating the pavilion portray floral designs, birds, and Hindu religious themes. That is the reason it is truly named as one of the masterpieces of the Mughal culture. D, it was meant for elephants carrying the royalty from and to the palace.

Its ceiling is embellished with beautiful woodwork. I have visited this place yesterday morning. It is very nice location for families,friends and lovers. Its best to go on working days instead of going on weekend when there are too many people. The second, a private and concealed residential section is divided into courts in the north and accessible through elephant gate.

Islamic Gardens and Landscapes. The versatility of variegated marble stone slabs Sang-e-Musa, Sang-e-Abri, Sang-e-Badal added the beauty of spacious courtyard in front of the palace. Ways to Experience Lahore Fort. Must visit are divan-e-khas, Dewan-e-aam and sheesh mahal. The englsih is located in zhahi northern part of Lahore ‘s old walled city.

Reviewed July 28, visit of Lahore Fort. Previous Next 1 … 9 10 11 … The original corporate raiders”. Expensive stones were used in its inside. A close look on the history of Sssay Fort Pakistan with pics.