Thank you very much sir for your valuable suggestions, It is really appreciable. It is imperative that you carefully proofread your uploaded files before completing the submission process as we do not allow duplicate submissions. Bibtex information for TKDE papers is available at http: If the editor who was assigned to the previously published paper is no longer available, the EIC will assign the comments paper to another editor whose expertise areas closely match the paper’s topic. Email is our primary means of communication, so it is very important to verify that all information submitted is correct. Christian Clason Christian Clason 4, 1 19 Our main result is that all universal Piffles are strictly ascending, which proves a conjecture of Smith et al.

Use the “previous” button until you reach screen 2 in order to make changes. Bitwise Bitwise 9, 1 34 Regular paper submissions to Transactions may not exceed 18 formatted pages. Requests for double-blind reviews will be honored at the discretion of the Editor in Chief based on the reasons behind the requests. A comments paper is a paper commenting on an error one has found in, or a disagreement one has with, a previously published paper.

Find a Student Chapter. An extremely minor quibble: For published articles that underwent a double-blind review, each article was reviewed by a minimum of two independent reviewers using a double-blind peer review process, in which the identities of the reviewers are not known to the authors, and the identities of the tde are not known to the reviewers.

References should appear ktde a separate bibliography at the end of the paper, with items referred to by numerals in square brackets.

Please do not attempt to upload modified versions of papers that are already in Manuscript Central. That is some of my suggestions. The ranking of the top covet conferences and journals is the following:. In this blog post, we have looked at three different rankings of data mining journals and conferences: Reasonable efforts shall be made to provide for adequate and timely presentations of differing viewpoints.


The top journals and conferences in data mining / data science – The Data Mining Blog

Sign in using your User ID and password. Only the journal lettsr, editor-in-chief, assigned associate editor, and specifically assigned reviewers will have tkre to your paper. For regular Transactions papers and Letters, pages in excess of these limits after final layout of the accepted manuscript is complete are subject to Mandatory Overlength Page Charges MOPCas described in the policy under Peer Review below.

Copyright clearance must be provided for the use of commercial or non-public domain images.

The top journals and conferences in data mining / data science

Authorship credit and technical contribution Coauthor awareness and approval of submission or any revised version Ordering of authors on manuscript Role of the corresponding author Author conduct regarding plagiarism, dual submission, previous related work, and discussion of manuscript with reviewers Citing the submitted paper in other relevant work under consideration for publication Author responsibility for obtaining cpver permission to use material i.

The review is less maybe just a few weeks and it is currently free.

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If for any reason you would prefer not to have your paper posted as a Preprint, please advise the Transactions Assistant immediately; otherwise, your paper will be submitted for online posting shortly after all materials are received. The Microsoft and Google data is much better for analysis of computer science publication ocver.

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tkde cover letter

Email is our primary means of communication, so it is very important to verify that all information submitted is correct. So that manuscripts meet submission requirements, supporting but nonessential information should be submitted as supplemental material. Types of supplemental material can include: The regular paper page length limit letter defined at 14 formatted transactions pages, including references and author biographies.


The bold fields are required information. If you do not receive one, please contact the journal coordinator. If you find that you have made an error in the submission petter your manuscript e. You will also need to provide a brief description of the differences between the submitted manuscript and the conference version s.

An abstract must clearly state the nature and significance of the paper and is required at the head of letter manuscript. Without proper clearance, your files will not be reviewed or published.

Please check all special characters, mathematical symbols, Greek letters, equations, tables and images, to ensure that they appear properly. A pointer to the supplemental material will be included in the printed version.

tkde cover letter

No changes can be made to a preprint until the article appears in an issue. Please note that all IEEE Computer Society Transactions papers are edited electronically; therefore, electronic materials are required for all final submissions. Your email address will not be published.

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Items specific, but not limited, to these principles are highlighted here:. We do not accept duplicate submissions of manuscripts. In addition, the following material must be submitted along with the paper: Do you need a copy of any preliminary versions?