Increased efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the management of federal environmental approval processes and other federal administrative processes. The primary objective of the workshop was to build awareness of the mining industry in Yukon communities, including mining impacts; economic benefits and opportunities for communities; as well as environmental, economic and social impacts. The tax system can be used to achieve public policy objectives through the application of special measures such as low tax rates, exemptions, deductions, deferrals and credits. Coordination and engagement of the federal family is a key component to ensuring a whole-of-government approach to resource development in the territories. The CNIM project funding, coupled with the proposal-driven nature of contribution funding, accounts for under-spending in this Sub-Program. It also highlighted business development and employment opportunities that accompany mining exploration and development, including how to access and benefit economically immediately and over the long term from those opportunities.

Communication efforts are made to reach out to potential partners and raise awareness of the scope of CanNor’s activities. As well, departmental reporting on the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy has been consolidated into a new supplementary information table posted on departmental websites. This work influenced the inclusion of an infrastructure category known as “northern infrastructure”, which is only applicable in the Territories and provides more flexibility to northern governments in terms of infrastructure priorities. The program activity’s objective is to encourage a competitive, diverse Northern business sector with a strengthened capacity for innovation. Actual Spending was lower because some contribution funds were not distributed and there were lower operating costs due to delayed staffing. Return to endnote 24 referrer. This project served as a catalyst for allowing Inuit in the Baffin region to maximize the economic development potential of community-owned resources.

NAEOP is composed of two streams: In addition, to improve the project agreement process, new streamlined templates were developed, which are now comprised of two parts: The Estimates document family has three parts.

CanNor’s coordination function is supported to a large extent by the Northern Projects Management Office NPMOestablished as departmmental core program within CanNor to work with project proponents, federal departments, regional regulators and other authorities, with a view to addressing process bottlenecks and to improving the timeliness, predictability and transparency of federal regulatory participation in natural resources development projects in the three territories and the northern offshore.


Legal and statutory risks relate to legislation, regulation, court decisions, major policy initiatives and constitutionally protected comprehensive land claim agreements, as well as First Nations government arrangements. Return to endnote 11 referrer.

Disruptions in global economic growth can weaken demand for commodities exported from the North. Return to endnote 13 referrer. CanNor streamlined its performance measurement framework to better capture activities related to its mandate and program activities.

aandc departmental business plan

An opportunity-driven component provides departmenal support to communities for public services in economic development leading to community economic benefits. NPMO also partners with communities to foster their readiness to maximize the positive impacts of these projects, while working collaboratively to minimize and mitigate risks.

This has included the development of the Foreign Direct Investment initiative, a research and advocacy project that looks to attract investment in the globally competitive resource capital marketplace. Tax Expenditures and Evaluations publication. Through specific activities, such as strategic and sectoral partnerships, engagement, awareness and opportunities workshops, and agenda management, CanNor aims to align economic development activities in the North in a more effective manner and to advance northern industrial sectors e.

Policy, Advocacy and Coordination Sub-Program 1.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – 2013-14 Departmental Performance Report

Effective performance measurement data provides critical information needed for the successful delivery p,an contribution programming. Because of a variety of data collection methodologies and the lack of capacity and resources to collect and interpret performance data, adequate performance measurement has proven to be challenging. Canada’s territories consistently record higher labour productivity than the Canadian average.

Recognizing this as a risk and having businesa measures in place enables the Agency to effectively align its activities, priorities and resources to meet expectations and needs in the North. During the planning process, a number of priority strategic initiatives were identified. Despite this decrease, the labour force participation rate across the territories remains 6.

This is particularly the case where CanNor’s NPMO coordinates federal efforts around major projects as it acts as the Crown consultations coordinator. Finally, CanNor re-designed its external website, to comply with Government departental Canada guidelines, to provide a better user experience, and to position the site as a hub for information about northern Canada.


Community Development and their related Sub-Programs, FTEs are allocated based on the proportionate share of the contribution funding. This is particularly the case in resource development through its Northern Projects Management Office.

Just last year, the territories’ economy grew by 4. Also, a Community Readiness Initiative was launched that enables the Agency to work with several communities aansc the North to support pre-development planning to maximize the benefits that resource development can offer to local economic development. As a consequence, the slowdown in mineral exploration activities had a detrimental effect on own-source revenues generated by the territorial governments.

ARCHIVED – Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency – Departmental Performance Report

Supports research and analysis to guide programming and policy choices, the promotion of northern interests both inside and outside of the federal government, and the development of horizontal strategies, initiatives and projects to address economic development challenges in the North.

Finally, definitions of terminology are now provided in buainess appendix. Economic development is an outcome that is subject to external market forces. DPRs inform parliamentarians and Canadians of the results achieved by government organizations for Canadians. Return to endnote 3 referrer.

Return to endnote 12 referrer. Diversification through development of new sectors, products, and markets to broaden the economic base will reduce the territories’ vulnerability to the boom-bust cycles of resource development projects.

aandc departmental business plan

Business Development Sub-Program 1. These documents are used to coordinate federal departments during regulatory reviews and the project agreement review helped ensure that any legislative amendments were reflected in the roles, responsibilities and activities of regulatory bodies.