What are you doing? This is the real world, lady! It wasn’t my idea, I was basically dragged to it. Those aren’t even their real names. Been sober now for eight months. John Beckwith I think you’re gonna hear crickets.

It’s a “Yes” or “No” question. That was a confession! John Beckwith No, no. That’s – that’s very admirable. You know, you can just cut that psycho babble bullshit your mom tells you ok? You wanna help me out? What am I thinking?

claires wedding speech from wedding crashers

I’ll be the speecy waiting to say I told you so. Sack, I’ve always liked you. Don’t you think that’s really soon? John Beckwith What are you gonna say? You do investments in New Hampshire, and you have a It also led me to you, so it’s hard for me to completely regret it. It’s gonna be fine. Photos 2 Quotes First players get the boxes!

Rachel McAdams Scenes and Quotes as Claire Cleary in Wedding Crashers

You know, people like funny. That’s funny because it’s true. Dad, this is marriage. Lap dancers for the big guy here. We had to give her a sweet sixteen on her thirteenth birthday!


Oh, so you’re hiding I aedding.

What do you mean? John Beckwith Sounds of silence.

Rachel McAdams: Claire Cleary

Be the first to like this quote. Because I’ve fallen for you. John Beckwith I know. They’re all just, you know, suckling at the power teat. Secretary Cleary Claire bear. That’s neither here nor there.

Claire Cleary Yeah, I remember, but this is All right, ’cause I think I might get vulnerable again. Yeah, I’m just swinging the jib for your dad, starboard. Secretary Cleary What’s wrong? What are you talking about?

That’s – that’s very admirable. Claire Cleary Sorry to interrupt. Win cash prizes in our Free Grid Contests!

Full Transcript of Scene 44 from Wedding Crashers

Give me an example. He’s going to the Rhode Island School of Design. John Beckwith Go ahead. I know, but it’s complicated. Has to have what she wants when she wants it. You wanna help me out?

claires wedding speech from wedding crashers