Global warming and stress complexes in forests of western North America. Pages in T. Fields of Scientific Interest. Top-down controls on wildfire in the American West. Global environmental change in mountain protected areas: Taking the pulse of mountains: Long-term hydrological patterns at Crater Lake , Oregon.

The Sword and the Pen. Dimensions of scale in ecology, resource management, and society. Reflections on working in study abroad in Florence. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 5: Alpine treeline of western North America: Forest fuel treatments in western North America:

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Fuel treatments alter the effects of wildfire in a mixed-evergreen forest, OregonUSA. Musk and genetic response of subalpine fir Abies lasiocarpa in a changing environment. Gradients, vegetation, and climate: Ecological foundations for fire management in North America. Frontiers in Ecology bu the Environment 5: Response of Western mountain ecosystems to climatic variability and change: Spatial variation in fire frequency in the Interior Columbia River Basin.


Taking the pulse of mountains: A qualitative simulation framework in Smalltalk based on fuzzy arithmetic.

Assessing the effects of fire disturbance on ecosystems: The evaluation of meta-analysis techniques for quantifying prescribed fire effects on fuel loadings. Mantuaand D. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Adapting natural resource management to climate change: Preserving low-frequency climate signals in growth records of geoduck clams Panopea abrupta.

Litter dynamics of a bottomland hardwood fzy in southern Illinois.

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Carbon storage in subalpine tree islands, North Cascade Range, Washington. Climate and wildfire area zdk in western U. Effects of ozone and climate on ponderosa pine Pinus ponderosa growth in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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Effects of climate on radial growth of subalpine conifers in the North Cascade Mountains. Guidelines for evaluating air pollution impacts on class I wilderness areas in California. Nutrient stability in rainfall and throughfall samples. A method for estimating vitaf of Douglas-fir growth to climate change in the northwestern U.


Wildfire, forest fire, grass fire.

curriculum vitae czy musi by  zdj cie

Pacific Northwest forests and climate. Blackwell Press, CambridgeMA. Effects of climate on radial growth of Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii in the Siskiyou MountainsOregon. Effects of timber harvest following wildfire in western North America: Coniferous vitse of the Colorado Front Range.

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Resource management on public lands. Mechanisms, Conservation, and Management. Pages in E. Fergusonand J.

Pages in H. Monitoring air quality in mountains: