Metathesis, and Liquid Deletion. Verb Movement in Italian, French and Spanish. Genere, competenza metalinguistica e resistenze culturali. Matrix metalloproteinases underexpression in melanoma with regression S. La grammatica che migliora la vita.

Cuperlovic, Academic Press, Section 4: Special merits and awards: Christoph Schwarze Grammatik der Italienischen Sprache. Session 5 Theoretical and comparative syntax. Non-concatenative and Metrical Phonology — prof.

A bare phrase structure approach. Remember me on this computer.

Moldovan, Mihai

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Caso e Accordo nei costrutti participiali dei dialetti russo-settentrionali. Circulating biomarker panels for targeted therapy in brain tumors. A bridge for levelling differences among peoples.

Moldovan, Mihai

Quantifiers as Lexical categories. Febbraio Awards Honorary professor.

curriculum vitae zegrean

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Una prospettiva di genere. Gozzi The acquisition of determiners: Miscellanea di studi linguistici offerti a Laura Vanelli.

Catedra de Fiziologie “Nicolae Paulescu”

Giusti Advances in Roumanian. L’italiano come prima e seconda madre lingua: Latin as zefrean split DP-language. Structure and Interpretation – Studies in Honor of M. Verb Movement in Italian, French and Spanish.

curriculum vitae zegrean

Epub Feb Simulating real-life exposures to uncover possible risks to human health: Seminar 8 hours MA program in Linguistics. Qualification for associate professor in neuroscience position received in May and serve viate a consultant for Clinical Neurophysiology department, Copenhagen University Hospital.

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