Had Adam tenderly reproved his wife, and endeavored to lead her to repentance instead of sharing in her guilt, I should be much more ready to accord to man that superiority which he claims; but as the facts stand disclosed by the sacred historian, it appears to men that to say the least, there was as much weakness exhibited by Adam as by Eve. Before the Civil War, the sisters discovered that their late brother Henry had had a relationship with Nancy Weston, an enslaved mixed-race woman, after he became a widower. Letters on the Equality of the Sexes and the Condition of Woman Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Beecher, Catharine, Margaret Fuller, and M.

She not only spoke against slavery, but defended women’s right to petition: According to their analysis, race prejudice in the North and the South was a major support of the slave system. They eventually developed a private school. She was called to testify to Presbyterian Church leaders about her beliefs which resulted in expulsion from the church. For the first couple of year they did charitable and rreligious work.

Angelina, who had been paralyzed for several years because of strokes, died on October 26, Downloading text is forbidden on this website. InAngelina and Sarah moved to New York against the advice and without the permission of the Philadelphia Quakers to begin work as agents for the abolitionist cause. History has proven that Grimke is unwaveringly the contest winner of this debate. In the fall ofmob violence erupted when the controversial abolitionist George Thompson spoke in public.

Ayer Company, Publishers, Inc. They both fell from innocence, and consequently from happiness, but not from equality. We are spreading out the horrors of slavery before Northerners, in order to show them their own sin in sustaining such a system of complicated wrong and suffering. In Maythey joined leading women abolitionists from Boston, New York and Philadelphia in holding the first Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women, held to expand women’s anti-slavery actions to other states.


Our principle is that no circumstances can ever justify a man in holding his fellow man as property. They chose the latter course. I understand this as applying not only to the parties entering into the marriage contract, but to all men and women, because I believe God designed woman to be a help meet for man in every good and perfect work.

Grimke Sisters

Let us next examine the conduct of this fallen pair, when Jehovah interrogated them respecting their fault. During the following winter, the sisters were commissioned to speak at women’s meetings and organize women’s anti-slavery societies in the New York City region and nearby New Jersey.

The regulation of duty by the mere circumstance of sex, rather than by the fundamental principle of moral being, has led to all that multifarious train of evils flowing out of the anti-christian doctrine of masculine and feminine virtues. Angelina Grimke Weld date of image is unknown. The following year Sarah responded to the ministers’ attacks by writing a series of letters addressed to the President of the abolitionist society which sponsored their speeches.

Angelina Weld Grimke I surrender not our claim to equality. South Carolina had laws making it difficult for an individual to manumit slaves, even their own children born into slavery. And “when she was that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she eszay of the fruit thereof and did eat.


In MayAngelina married abolitionist Theodore Weld in Philadelphia; their angeliba had sexual equality and attended by blacks and whites. She became known as an abolitionist and diarist. Some critics place her in the period before the Renaissance. They both frankly confessed their guilt.

Archibald Grimke – Father. InAngelina began to speak in front of small groups of women in New York City.

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Because she was such an active member of the church community, her audience was respectful when it declined her proposal. Her writings appeal to logical and educated minds, stating accepted foundations for her convictions: Interested men frequently sneaked into the meetings.

Sarah and Angelina grew frustrated with the education they grimkd provided with and the expectations of the role they were supposed to play in the Charleston society.

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If this had not been the case, how could she have been a help meet for him? In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote Wikisource.

Walker Faye Wattleton Rosalyn S. Theodore Weld survived until Du Bois ; and Opportunity.

essay on angelina grimke