Meaning of multiplication Weekly math facts focus: Skip to main content. Let’s see, out of 6 pennies 5 are heads. Practice Practice Problem Solving: Using patterns to divide Wednesday Step Up Math lesson 4: I can use multiplication and division concepts to solve word problems.

If Joe runs from first base to second base he runs 90 feet. Enrichment Problems There are 70 crayons in each box. Understand – Think about the details of the problem. Give measurements of angles to prove your answer. Rounding decimals Friday Step Up Math lesson 6: Review the defintions of an isocesles, equilateral, and scalene triangle.

I would need to know how many cards are in a standard deck of cards. You can classify quadrilaterals by the lenghts of their sides and by the sizes of their angles. Is this generalization true? Units of Capacity Wednesday Lesson Make and Test Teest 4 4. Problem Solving by creating drawings and equations- 4.

If 6 pennies makes one whole, how many pennies are heads?


There are 4 right angles. Each talbe seat on person on each side. Will you draw a picture? Using mental math to divide Topic 8 Test Wednesday Lesson Problem solving with division can seem difficulty. How would you solve this word problem?

Triangles State test prep: Do your best on the following practice word problems. Examples of figures that are not polygons. I show a fraction as the quantity formed when a whole is divided into equal parts. Multiply by one-digit numbers — arrays and expanded algorithm.

Rounding to Estimate Weekly math facts: Measuring Angles with a protractor. Would the knowledge of division help you in this situation?

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

Equivalent fractions and number lines Tuesday Prerequisite Lesson for Which of the following figures is a kite? Find the Angle game. If not, draw a picture to show why not.

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

Can you think of a situation where you would divide? My Dad bought 65 boxes of crayons for my classroom.

Topic 16 Lines, Angles, and Shapes

How are you going to answer these questions. Using Rounding to Estimate Weekly math facts: A polygon is a closed plane figure formed by line segments. You read the numbers depending on where you place the side of the angel you measure.


How many whole boxes did they 16-111 and how many gumballs do they have left?

Course: 4th Grade Math-3rd Quarter

Make and Test Generalizations. The playing field for baseball is actually a rhombus.

problem solving make and test generalizations practice 16-11

Students will complete a practice test on Monday. Write an equation using a variable to represent the unknown 4.