You cannot change your preferences after the final date to change preferences for an offer round, for example. Type of employment full-time, part-time or casual and hours per week or total hours for the period of employment. Position and signature of your employer or person authorised by your employer to write the statement eg Human Resources Officer. Statements of attainment, results slips and award elements documents are not sufficient. Apply directly to these institutions, not through QTAC.

Download the step-by-step guideDownload the step-by-step guide from our website. A small number of semester 1 courses have their major offer round in December. Personal Illness or Disability You can apply for this category if you have experienced: Institution admission rules include English proficiency, minimum age, other. University Application System 3. Respond by the date specified.

Web Content Management by Elcom. Statements of attainment, results slips and award elements documents are lstter sufficient. In this instance you will receive an offer the next time the course is offered. Find a sample of the statement required from coveg accountant, solicitor or tax agent if you have been self-employed. Letting you know you are not being considered for this course also means you can change your preferences sooner if you want to.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. We think you have liked this presentation. Offers are issued and acceptances are recorded by CAO. Apply for semester 1 and, if qtax, defer your offer ie start studying later, or List semester 2 preferences only.


EAS categories You can stac for as many EAS categories as you like, but when we email you lettrr cover sheet you must submit the cover sheet with the required supporting documentation.

For other offer rounds, submit your documentation as soon as possible after we ask you for it so it can help your application as soon as possible. Select the Log in button, and log in to your account. Tertiary study is the level of formal education beyond secondary education. Concession — cost of the course is further reduced for students with relevant concession card.

Our institutions decide their own admission requirements.

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We process your application for 16 institutions. Documentation needs to identify rank s achieved, division s worked in and length qtwc dates of services for each rank. Home Applying Apply here Documentation.

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Domestic Year 12 students. Skip to main content. Web Content Management by Elcom. Submit the required documents as listed for your qualifications.

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Year 12 students applying for the Educational Disruption, Personal Covre or Disability, or English Language Difficulty categories also need to have their school fill out a section of the cover sheet. Find a sample of the statement required from qgac employer s. If you do get an offer for semester 1 but want to apply for semester 2 as well, conditionally accept your semester 1 offer and even begin that courseand change your preferences. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Required documents The documentation you need to provide depends on your qualifications.


For most categories, you must complete the relevant Educational Access Scheme cover sheet and attach supporting documentation.


Note, costs listed could be the indicative first year cost, cost of the entire course or cost per subject. Home Applying Educational Access Scheme.

qtac cover letter

The statement contains current rank, date of enlistment, length of service, current occupation, posting and promotion history. Language qualifications covrr and interpreting or language proficiency, membership of professional associations for which qualifying examinations were undertaken Official award completion certificate. Do not lodge a second application for semester 2. Applying as an International Student 6. Select the Create Account button. To create your own password.