But before doing this they have to take the permission of the central bank. This indicator is not often a reliable for banking industry, especially in a stock market in Bangladesh. It is the cost required to generate each dollar of revenue. AIS Submitted by: The core objective is to analyze the different delivery channels which are using by Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited in its banking services and identify the satisfaction of the client regarding these modern technology based services. Most of the research works are conducted by using interview method for collecting information.

Local Banks are not using this technology for a long time. I have collected some primary data using face to face interview method of the 50 numbers of clients of DBBL with different ages, different profession with the designed format attached as appendix about the services of different delivery channels of DBBL. The process will be one of movement on growth towards total structural change in areas of economic, social, cultural structure. By these assessments, we have tried to build our report to the best way possible to fulfill the requirements of the term paper, Performance Evaluation. The coded data were checked by the reference of original data to run and edited the miscode by computer, which is called machine editing. Accurate and appropriate questionnaire is essential for survey work Questionnaire should be such that respondent could easily understand accurate answer depended on simple appropriate questionnaire.

Term Paper on Satisfaction on delivery channels of DBBL Limited – Assignment Point

Before completing the final questionnaire a pretest on ten clients were conducted. We have given a little description of the methods and ratios that we have used, and also have demonstrated that information in graphs to make the information more tefm, so that it would be easy to visualize the current position of DBBL in comparison to EBL one of the rivals.

In the modern banking system there are so delivery channels are using by the banks to give the better service to its clients like ATM, On-line banking service, Internet Banking services etc.

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So it is very much possible to collect data from the students also.

term paper on dbbl

The customers have no direct bargaining power. We have tried our best to gather all kinds of relevant information, which could give us an overall concept of this topic. They are using ATM and On-line banking services from their starting operation in Bangladesh but in a very short volume.

Letters term paper on dutch bangla bank case study on hypertension From case study about water resources Nowhere 2. Germ, a day no one thinks of analyze the data without a suitable computer program. Questionnaire is the main part of research work and the data for the study were collected by the interview method. However efforts are taken by company management to select robust flexible banking software to introduce real time on-line banking operations.

The organization been serving in the banking industry since Financial Ratio Analysis of United research paper on fashion terj Commercial Bank and South-east bank Limited.

Log In Sign Up. Dutch-Bangla bank has a great position in this market. Thus, the main motive of the company is not only to maximize their profit or their profitability, but also have to emphasize in how to achieve this ability, what can be done to achieve such potential, and at the end of the day, how to measure the performance, so as to know the relative strength of the company or the firm, both qualitatively and quantitatively, in comparison to the performance of the overall industry and its rivals.

Presently DBBL is running with 64 sixty four branches and by the end of the year the number of branches will be at least 90 ninety. We are submitting this term paper for your kind consideration and thanking you for your constant assistance and guidance.

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The core objective is to analyze the different delivery channels which are using by Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited in its banking services and identify the satisfaction of the client regarding these modern technology based services.

The respondents appraise about the different kinds of social function done by the DBBL. The process of data collection depends on what kind of research will be ln and the nature of the source of data. As a result the country has got a new shape in the economy. We know that education is the back bone of the nation in the sane way papsr can say that the banking is the back bone of the economy.


In the year some more private sector banks has got permission to do their banking business paperr the economy these are the second generation private sector banks in Bangladesh, like Dhaka Bank Ltd, Dutch-Bangla Bank etc. To recheck and scrutinize each questionnaire thoroughly whether the respondents have given any wrong information is called data edition. After a certain period two banks has given in the private sector by the government.

Every variable is defined by a unique number called code. All kinds of mistakes have been corrected which were found in our questionnaire and all the answers have dbbl observed carefully.

Dgbl at the time of liberation Bangladesh has got six number of banking financial Institutions. Presently banking is a very dynamic sector in our country.

At that time there are some private commercial banks came in the private sector with private management like National Bank, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, etc.

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Central bank has set the level of interest rates on deposit and loans. Click here to sign up. I made a draft questionnaire at first, discussed several times with my colleagues and he made he necessary corrections and then I made final questionnaire:.

After analysis the collected data I have found the satisfaction of the clients on the services of the delivery channels of DBBL that almost all of them are satisfied about the service provided by the bank specially the ATM services with the largest network in Bangladesh and some of them are not dvbl satisfied they think that service should be improved.