I am only passionately curious’. The scope of the platform has been extended from primary care to an integral perspective which covers costs, health, primary care, secondary care and medication. Because we are a relatively small group, we can have lively discussions and close contacts. During the programme I realised that history isn’t really for me. You will learn about:. Population Studies Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Renske van der Wal University of Groningen with her Master thesis:

The platform provides health care centres access to information concerning the distribution of patients, target groups, and so on. You will learn about:. During the programme I realised that history isn’t really for me. They will do a research internship at an outstanding research institute. I found another opportunity in the Jan van Es Institute, a knowledge institute for integrated primary care.

Herta Macht Thesis Prize 2019

Students become a good researcher by experiencing a series of carefully designed research settings. The study is simultaneously concrete and broad. Porosity of multilingual spaces. Life Tables and Population Projections. Natural, heritage and landscape values of the rural and urban environment are studied to understand the different appreciations and valuations of places and areas in society.

In hebben meer dan The main contemporary issues and controversies surrounding heritage and identifications in pluralistic societies will also be addressed, including practical thesjs during guest lectures Lecturers: From the programme coordinator I learned that I had to do a pre-master to meet the admission requirements, which was also a good opportunity for me to decide if I really wanted to enroll in the master.

The Master Population Studies trains you to become a versatile demographer. Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube.


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All applicants have to submit a detailed CV, list of grades, motivation letter and and one or two reference letters to dr. Students have the opportunity to develop their own educational pathway according to their preferences and motivations.

Top vrw Students work closely together with our experienced staff members, who carry out excellent research in the four different research clusters within tWIST: They can choose courses from all Spatial Sciences master programmes: Revitalizing neighbourhoods explores these topics and reflects on the Dutch city renewal policies.

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Dutch students International students. For all disciplines mentioned above achieved at a university of applied science, you can do a pre-master of max 60 Fgw. Saskia Enuma Study advisor Email: Therefore the Herta Macht Thesis Prize was shared by: Although I knew almost nothing about thessis care, I got the job: The Thesis Prize aims to recognize young talent in the Spatial Sciences and to promote the cultural aspects and social relevance of the Spatial Sciences.

After three years at the Jan van Es Institute, I began working for AimTrack Septembertogether with the owner of the platform and the owner of a health and care innovation database.

Population Studies

What will you learn? Such education is not available in developing countries like my own.

Given increasing environmental concerns, his work fwr examined the increasingly precarious position of oil shale as an acceptable thhesis source. The platform provides health care centres access to information concerning the distribution of patients, target groups, and so on.


The master programme focuses on these demographic events, on how decision-making regarding these life events is influenced by the economic, societal, cultural, and geographical context, and on how these demographic events have an impact on population-level trends.

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The Master Thesis is carried out individually. Michiel van den Bergh University of Amsterdam with his Master thesis: Click on the course title to go to the full course description, information about lecturers, literature and time period. The Msc programme Cultural Geography aims to train students to become professionally competent in the field of geography and liveability so that they can make a useful contribution to improving place-related liveability, quality of life and wellbeing in society.

The graduates from the programme are well trained for 1 a PhD position 2 a research position in organisations such as government ministries, non-governmental organisations or research-based consultancies or 3 any other professional job in which scientific solidness and creativity is an asset. More information about the Careers Company: Please register by completing the registration form thesus the website. We collect thesid data and information into reports for every postal code area, municipality and province in the Netherlands.

A Master ruf qualifies if it is no more than two years old and has been awarded a mark of frs or more.