Cyber Security often seems to be dominated by short-term concerns, because there are a great many issues that need immediate resolution. Occupational Stress – Whose Business is it? These fingerprints are very hard for an eavesdropper to forge, lightweight compared to traditional provenance mechanisms, and allow for interesting security properties such as accountability and non-repudiation. Since there are no logical boundaries for the social media, it is important to study the problem from an international perspective too. Your supervisor should help you to keep your work suitably focused. In terms of practical delivery for cancer therapy centres this impacts on two fronts.

In all kangaroo species studied, hopping at high speeds is energetically cheaper than the cost of running in a similarly-sized quadruped, and oxygen consumption does not change over a large range of hopping speeds. More information on Equity and Diversity. A key feature of this body of research is the dissociation of sodium and water retention from the blood pressure raising effects of ACTH and cortisol in man. Special Consideration can be sought in the usual manner, by submitting an application within the required time to Student Central see below for more details on Special Consideration. Delisea-pulchra furanones seaweed marine biology bacteria Bacteria are ubiquitous in the marine environment and form complex communities on submerged surfaces. I will describe a few approaches to performing k nearest neighbour searching quickly, including a technique of my own called “sub-vector indexing”.

Finally I will discuss some results from an ongoing projects on security of bodywork devices and IoT. In this talk I hope to provide a brief introduction to some of the formalisms used in Machine Learning to study induction algorithms and a discussion of one that I find particularly compelling.

You must pass both the written report and the seminar to receive a satisfactory SY grade in Thesis Part A.

unsw cse thesis seminar

In this talk, I will discuss a mechanism to secure data provenance and location proof for these devices by exploiting symmetric spatio-temporal characteristics of the wireless link between two communicating parties. In this talk, the creative potential of the following three aspects of order will be discussed: Briefly, measure theory works out some of the properties that a notion of size should have, and the relationship between size and probabilty.


How proteins, DNA and organic molecules interact on a molecular level is literally the interaction of motors, pop-out containers, propellors, levers and other mechanical paraphenalia. The role of the Occupational, Health Safety and Environment team is to provide a professional service to the UNSW, its staff and students on all matters relating to occupational health, safety and environment, particularly in the area of legislative compliance.

This means we should be able to prove software correct.

The endogenous opioid system is an important component of this bidirectional communication pathway and chronic use or abuse of exogenous opiates induces a range of behaviours that are characteristic of sickness. A general view of other important elements will also be presented.

unsw cse thesis seminar

Ben was born shortly afterwards. Family care, social support and healthy lifestyle are found to contribute greatly to their health. These questions were posed by the media back in at the time of her death, but the answers did thdsis receive the same publicity as the event itself. The final mark is determined by an average of these two marks, less any penalties.

Introductory UG Thesis Lecture

Seminars for Thursday 24th September at 5: It is critical to detect security threats and defend privacy through real-time and scalable systems. It is placed in schedule 1 of controlled drugs, the strictest possible category, due to its possible neurotoxic effects in humans.

Ergodic theory is a way of understanding the way probability and time interact, and the general structure of such interactions. Was it Ecstasy laced with heroin?

CSE Thesis Course Outline

The case study of housing projects indicated insensitivity not only in terms of facility provision but also in terms of scale of spaces, configuration of built form, facility placement, safety of areas thrsis was tackled by the author and will be demonstrated during the presentation.


The main strength of Delphi is its ability to overcome classical problems in group decision-making processes.

unsw cse thesis seminar

Securing the data generated by these devices is essential if they are to be integrated into the current health infrastructure and employed in medical applications. Has never studied elephants, nor taken acid Plagiarism may be defined as “the presentation of the thoughts or work of another as one’s own ” Examples include:. And the serious bit: This talk will present some of the research in social psychology that those damned meddling ethics committees would never permit today.

Resource created Monday 23 May As well, your final mark will depend largely on the quality of the work and the quality of the presentation in the thesis.

I’ll talk about the distribution of bacteria on different ynsw parts of Delisea, explain the methods used to investigate diversity of microbial communities and discuss the theory that the numbers and types of bacteria growing on Delisea’s surface are controlled by furanones. In all cases, the School will get back to you with a decision via an email to your CSE account.

Post-Grad Group Seminars

Or of your brain? It’s not a simple matter of just sending it in, hoping it will just magically get published. The Learning Centre website is jnsw central University online resource for staff and student information on plagiarism and academic honesty. Ben Newell – School of Psychology Over the last 30 years there has been a growing interest in the cognitive unconscious.